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The Assess component of Integrated Learning initiates the learning process by helping students and companies identify training objectives, and then help determine what type of training is required to meet those goals.

By assessing needs at the beginning of the learning lifecycle, students and corporate decision-makers are able to identify and choose the right solutions to maximize their training investment.

Assessments establish learning goals and measure the effectiveness of a training program, thereby proving the value of training. A pre-assessment of skill-levels identifies knowledge gaps so that training needs can be mapped to objectives. A post-assessment verifies that the required skill-level has been attained.

Infoage Learning assessments can be accessed through Learning Port, our powerful Web-based tool that provides organizations and individuals with the resources to assess, reinforce and validate skills, thereby offering a better return on your training investment.

Account consultation

We provide personal attention to every customer. Our account executives support the business-to-business and enterprise segments, educational consultants focus on consumers, and there is additional support for enterprise organizations.

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