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Career Training Programs

If you are looking to upgrade your skills or begin a career in the Information Technology or Healthcare Information Management fields, Infoage Learning can give you the training that businesses are looking for. Our experienced instructors will help you develop the skills you'll need to begin working in the Information Technology or medical field. We've created training programs designed to not only teach you skills but to help give you an idea of what to expect on the job, and we've done it in the most cost-effective way.

Our industry-focused programs encompass multiple industry certifications from a variety of leading technology vendors. Hands-on practice and interactive education experiences through our multiple learning methodologies reinforce skills learned for practical business application. Specific job skills training, combined with problem solving, critical thinking and other relevant business skills training, promotes long-term career development.

Multiple learning options ensure you receive a professional learning experience and the flexibility to fit your busy schedule.

  • Classroom Learning: traditional instructor-led classroom learning
  • Online LIVE Learning: live, instructor-led web training
  • Online ANYTIME Learning: self-paced computer-based training
  • Mentored Learning: multi-sensory method that allows students to control their training schedule, the content covered and the pace of the training while receiving one-on-one support from a qualified instructor
  • Supporting Resources:
    • Infoage Learning Online Reference Collection: web-based technical reference library
    • Virtual Labs: live, hands-on practice on real-world equipment
    • Career Services: cover letter & resume writing, interviewing skills, etc.

Each Infoage Learning student receives a complimentary Learning Port account. This is your personal learning portal that allows you to plan, access and track your training.

Learning Port

The Infoage Learning Port is a powerful Web-based tool for organizations and individuals to access their Online ANYTIME courseware and post-class reinforcement libraries that will increase retention of the course material and advance the learning process.

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