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Since 2001, when it kick started the IT education, Infoage Learning has been developed, defining and leading the IT training market. Infoage Learning run and managed by All India and Educational Welfare. At Infoage Learning we believe that our growth is the derivative of the growth of each one of us. To achieve our vision of Leadership through Global Talent Development, we are always looking out for creative, talented, result-oriented individuals who are ambitious, love challenges and have a passion to excel!

We place great emphasis on selecting the right people and invest heavily in their acquisition, retention and training. This is a reflection of the fact that at Infoage Learning our people are our most valued asset. This is the ethos you will find yourself in when you decide to make Infoage Learning your career destination.

Life @ Infoage

Being Infoage Learning means living much beyond a professional life. We believe in the work life balance and ensure a working environment that provides opportunities that demand learning, thinking and innovation.

We offer an environment where all-round development is as much of a goal as realization of career ambitions.

At the same time, we assure that Infoage remains a fun place to work 24x7x365, as stringent deadlines and tough commitments go hand-in-hand with strategies designed to help you unwind and beat unwanted stress.

Every day is a fun day at Infoage, as we heartily enjoy partying, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, achievements and most importantly Annual Day which is celebrated with gusto. Our Annual Day, in fact, a highlight of our Fun roster, is a “for Infoageians, by Infoageians and of Infoageians event that echoes across our global offices. The event spells collective, non-stop fun with some truly imaginative unleashing of creativity.

We were the first organization in India to introduce a “Dating allowance and Paternity leave”. At INFOAGE, perks and privileges are an important part of the special life we want to build for you and your family. Our endeavor is to keep you incentivized through traditional and unique reimbursements, so you feel encouraged to strive harder and aim higher in the workplace.

INFOAGE is more than just a career destination. It is a way of life, where fun is given as much priority as performance figures and where every INFOAGEian is considered an important part of our universe.
For a company that has attained dominant position in training and education arena in diverse fields, excellence is the way of life.

We foster career building by providing opportunities that demand learning, thinking and innovation. A preferred workplace owing to the career enhancement potential, we offer an environment where all-round personality development is as much of a goal as realization of career ambitions. Diversity of our business verticals allows you to move from one business line to another, thus enriching your professional experience.

We work with leaders who motivate us and friends who challenge us. Our success depends on having the very best people, who are extremely motivated and trained to meet the highest global standards. For over 3,500 INFOAGEians across the world who are the key strength of the company, we offer a perfect platform to grow, learn and have fun!


Trainers’ drome is the destination for those who have a passion for sharing knowledge and a commitment to developing highly skilled workforce that meets international standards and benchmarks. It is the place where we have listed our requirement for trainers across all business lines and geographies.

Being a Trainer at INFOAGE could open doors you never thought existed. It could push your creativity to new heights, enabling you to innovatively engage with your learners. That’s because INFOAGE provides you with a work culture and environment where “out-of-the-box” thinking is actively encouraged. If you believe you can make a difference to the lives of learners across the world, by giving their imagination wings, check out what we have for you.


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