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Infoage Learning

Learning Port

Tools and resources for effective, focused and results-oriented learning.

The Infoage Learning Port is a powerful Web-based tool for organizations and individuals to access their Online ANYTIME courseware and post-classroom reinforcement libraries that will increase retention of the course material and advance the learning process.

The Learning Port provides the information organizations need to create a learning program that is mapped directly to your business objectives and the resources individuals need to meet their learning goals.

The Infoage Learning Port has many features that make your learning experience more successful. These include:

  • Intuitive Site Navigation
  • Topic Level Search of all available content
  • Offline Player (optional)
  • Professional Development Paths (including certification paths)
  • Course Completion Certificates

Online ANYTIME Resources

Access to your post-classroom resources can serve as a preview of the vast array of additional self-paced learning resources known as Online ANYTIME that are available to you via the Infoage Learning Port. Online ANYTIME resources include:

  • Online ANYTIME Tutorial Libraries – A collection of self-paced eLearning courses ranging from Technical Content to Applications Content to Business Skills Content
  • Integrated e-Reference – Online Books and other publications that compliment the learning offered in the Learning Port
  • Brain bench Exams – Assessments that provide an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of your learning
  • Virtual Labs – Practice labs that provide hands-on practice to reinforce learning

Post-Classroom Resources

The Infoage Learning Port is your access point for all of your post-classroom resources. These resources are automatically made available to you when you attend a classroom event at a Infoage Learning training center. The resources which are available to you for six months from your class date include:

  • Online ANYTIME Tutorial (self-paced eLearning)
  • vLabs featuring hands-on experience with real equipment
  • Online technical reference library
  • Brain bench exams

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