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Professional Services

Training Solutions as Unique as Your Business

Sometimes a "one size fits all" training solution just doesn't fit your needs. Infoage Learning Professional Services team can help you design a unique training solution that will meet targeted business requirements. Whether you want to add one day of customized training onto a standard Excel class, create a new training program for a proprietary software system, or build a data feed from our Integrated Learning Manager to your own LMS, the Professional Services team has the experience to get the job done.

With a vast array of subject matter experts, Infoage Learning Professional Services team will help you define strategic recommendations to align your market vision with your learning strategy, bridging the gap between your organization's current and ideal training program. We will partner with your organization to maximize success and ensure that deadlines, budgets, and specifications are met. Together we will ensure your training initiative is of the highest possible caliber, with the highest measurable return on training investment.

Professional Services Offerings

  • Custom Content Development - Most companies have training needs that extend beyond the standard course offerings. From proprietary software to new-hire training programs, Infoage Learning can customize our content offerings for both synchronous and asynchronous learning types to meet your specific needs.
  • Learning Management System Integration - By working closely with established learning management vendors, Infoage Learning ensures that our integrations can be easily implemented and managed through virtually any learning management system. Infoage Learning has successfully completed integrations with both internal and vendor-based learning management systems, and our integration services allow our customers to maximize their current system investments without altering their current training programs.
  • Competency Assessments - Effective learning systems must have methods of determining learners' success in developing and maintaining competencies, as well as providing access to the appropriate training and development activities and evaluating their performance and growth. Infoage Learning offers Competency Assessments as the tool for creating these methods. With these assessments, your organization can address employees' abilities and define what is required to be effective in that employee's position.
  • Learning Measurement Services - program is not complete without a method of measuring its impact on your business. Infoage Learning has a variety of powerful tools to allow your organization to accurately measure and benchmark every employee's learning.

The Professional Services Team

  • Solution Architects - work with you to map out your organization's objectives, align them with the core competencies required within your organization to be successful, and then design a custom learning solution tailored to meet your goals.
  • Sales Engineers - match learning to your goals. Infoage Learning goal is to provide our customers with technical experts who assist in creating learning solutions that allow seamless integration within existing environments. Our Sales Engineers maintain the proper technical certifications to provide expert analysis of current customer environments, and to insure proper implementations.
  • Instructional Designers - tailor your training program to provide maximum knowledge transfer and retention. The Instructional Designers at Infoage Learning can tailor courseware, instruction and delivery methods to meet the specific needs of your organization and deliver a customized training package. With a vast array of subject matter experts, Infoage Learning has been successful in helping our customers develop learning solutions that offer the most return on their training investment.

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