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Most adult learners require three study methods or resources to retain the highest percentage of information. As part of our Integrated Learning model, Infoage Learning provides reinforcement tools to increase retention of the course material and advance the learning process.

From hands-on labs to reference materials to practice exams, the learning experience is enhanced by a host of resources:

Learning Guides

Traditional Instructor Led Training students receive a Learning Guide to use as an at-a-glance review tool to outline the main concepts and skills presented in the traditional Instructor Led Training course. This guide is a condensed hard-copy booklet of the corresponding eCourseware that accompanies the course.


Classroom and Online LIVE students receive an electronic version of the complete courseware containing the most current version of the content. It is available online for six months, and students may print or download the eCourseware for later use.

Learning Kits

Technical courses, which are usually longer in length and more complex than application courses, receive a complete Learning Kit. The kits are generally vendor-authorized and include a large binder, software, and other resources.

Online ANYTIME Post-Class Resources

In addition to the classroom instruction, students receive a self-paced Online ANYTIME tutorial when available. These tutorials can be used during class and as a post-class resource for an extended period of time. These interactive, multimedia tutorials include the same content covered in Classroom and Online LIVE Learning courses and are available online for six months. The self-paced tutorials provide hands-on training that mimics the application without needing the software loaded.

Online LIVE Archives

With Online LIVE Archives, students can listen to archived classroom recordings. Archived recordings are easily accessible through the student's online Learning Plan and are available around the clock.

Online Reference Books

Our online Books 24x7 provide the Web's finest technical reference library. Online ANYTIME library subscribers have full-time access to the electronic versions of top technical books from leading technology publishers, such as MIT Press, O'Reilly, Que, Sams, Sybex and Wiley. These reference books can be used to reinforce the learning experienced at Infoage Learning.

Virtual Labs

Our vLab technology feature live, hands-on experience with real equipment - not a simulation or a computer-based training program. These provide additional real-world experience similar to working with networking technologies, such as a Cisco-powered production network or a Microsoft network infrastructure. The vLab are extremely valuable in reinforcing learning in all methods of delivery.

Infoage Learning Retake Policy

Students may retake traditional Instructor Led Training or Online LIVE courses within six months of their completion date, on a space-availability basis.

Exam Preparation

For those IT professionals preparing for a certification exam, Infoage Learning Exam Prep provides a simulation environment to effectively assess test readiness and prepare learners to pass their exam the first time. Exam prep may also be used as a learning aide.

Learning Labs

Within each of our physical locations is a learning lab for students to study, practice for exams using exam preparation software, access their Online ANYTIME tutorials or participate in an Online LIVE session.

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