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Infoage Learning Career Training Program

Infoage Learning training can change your life. When you expand your IT skills, you are suddenly in charge. Whether you are seeking advancement in your current job or a new career in information technology, turn to Infoage Learning . With many learning locations, we can help you develop your skills and reach out to the world’s top companies. You have the power. Let Infoage Learning help you use it.

Why Infoage Learning

Many students have transformed their careers in Infoage Learning classrooms. Through our comprehensive and flexible consumer programs, our students advance in their jobs or find new careers because being a Infoage Learning alumnus means you’re a proven professional, the best of the best.

Our Education Consultants

Infoage Learning Education Consultants work directly with you to select or customize the program that is right for YOU. Your Education Consultant will conduct a Career Assessment that will help them understand your specific situation so they can use their industry knowledge and expertise to guide you into the program that best fits your needs and goals.

Our Instructors

Infoage Learning employs the most experienced and qualified instructors in the industry. In fact, our instructors cannot lead a class until they have achieved certification on the technology covered in that class. According to over many student evaluations, Infoage Learning consistently outperforms benchmark peer IT training companies in instructor performance, courseware quality and facility satisfaction.

Our Programs

Infoage Learning training programs are based on our corporate clients’ hiring needs. With our clients’ input, we tailor our training programs to the needs of the industry, giving our students a distinct advantage. Plus, our programs are short and intensive so you can get the critical skills and prepare for the certifications you need to enter the job market.

As an individual looking to improve your skills or get your career started in the Information Technology or Healthcare Information Management fields, you will gain knowledge with industry certifications through a balanced learning approach, empowering you to increase your workplace competence and gain a professional advantage.

Our Training Centers

Going to Infoage Learning is not the same as going back to school. With many of our graduates returning to Infoage Learning to gain advanced skills, our students are a mix of individuals and IT professionals employed from some of the top IT companies in the world. Our multiple delivery methods ensure that there is a training program to fit your schedule, pace and learning style.

Our Placement Program

Infoage Learning understands how competitive the job market is today, that is why our placement staff is always working with one goal in mind – to get you hired in the job you want as quickly as possible. For example, as much as 60% of IT jobs never make it to internet job boards; only people connected to the company or hiring manager ever hear about these jobs. That is why Infoage Learning placement staff develops relationships with the top businesses in your area. They find and track the hiring needs of these organizations and offer our placement services at no charge – so they love to hear from us. Once you have passed a pre-determined number of exams, the placement person assigned to you will review your resume and provide professional advice on how to get noticed. They will also arrange interviews and coach you on techniques that will get you hired.

The Mission of Infoage Learning Career Development Program

  • To meet with you to learn your life and career goals and to determine if Infoage Learning has the right solution to get you there.
  • To identify your goals and presents a custom solution.
  • To Train and prepare you to enter a new career or enhance an existing career with quality training programs and academic solutions that meet an individual’s unique needs.
  • To carry out our training programs in a fast, cost-effective way.
  • To provide a hands-on learning environment to give you an opportunity to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • To provide flexible schedules and a variety of learning methods.
  • To assist with job placement that matches your qualifications and provides opportunities for future growth.
  • To give you the support you need to succeed once you have entered the workplace.

Let Infoage Learning get you started on the path to the career of your dreams. Contact one of our qualified Education Consultants at a Infoage Learning location near you to get started.

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