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Student Services


Infoage Learning provides a cost-effective, compelling education solution for those wanting a career change or enhancement in the Information Technology (IT). If you have a strong desire to make a career change, or if you are looking to upgrade your career prospects by pursuing a certification in IT or Management , Infoage Learning can help.

Financial Assistance Available

Infoage Learning understands the importance of financing your education and we are able to provide financial assistance to qualified students.

Career Development Program

By providing both educational and business skills, your abilities are well rounded and you will be able to express your qualifications in a professional and mature manner. Our goals are:

  • To ensure you understand the scope of your career possibilities and how to approach the particular job market.
  • To enhance your ability to obtain and retain the job.
  • To improve your career opportunities through the use of workshops focused on interviewing skills and attire, resume writing, job fairs, and motivational speakers.

Infoage Learning Career Development Program offers:

  • Industry focused curriculum provided in as short a time as possible, allowing you to get a job quicker or improve your performance on your current job.
  • Placement activities geared to help optimize your chances of finding not just a job but a career.
  • Internship opportunities (at participating locations) designed to give you real-world experience in the workplace.
  • Multiple real-world simulated exercises to allow for fine-tuning and application of skills.
  • A comprehensive range of business skills to ensure career development, and the development of job seeking, organization, problem solving, critical thinking, and customer service skills.
  • Certifications and curriculum from prestigious, highly regarded and sought-after vendors.
  • The benefit of various learning methods, reinforcement tools and support materials that best suit your learning style.
  • Assistance in job placement activities geared at helping you to optimize your chances of finding a rewarding career.

As the world’s largest independent training company, Infoage Learning strives to prepare students for careers in Information Technology and Healthcare Information Management fields, providing them with the training and resources they need to advance and succeed in their chosen career paths.

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