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Not only do Infoage Learning students receive study tools and training required for learning, but also the supplemental support services to help complete the learning cycle. Our support resources are a valuable extension of our reinforcement tools.

Ongoing Account Executive Consultation

We provide personal attention to every customer. Our account executives support the business-to-business and enterprise segments, educational consultants focus on consumers, and there is additional support for enterprise organizations.

My Infoage Learning Home Page

Every student has a personalized portal on This portal provides access to the Online LIVE Learning Plan for students that have purchased an Online LIVE course.

Technical Help Desk Support

Technical Help Desk support is available to assist Online LIVE and Online ANYTIME students with any technical difficulties to ensure that their online learning is on track and on schedule.

Knowledge Share Forums

Community forums offer a valuable opportunity to meet fellow students, continue discussions from your courses, or strike up new conversations with students in related classes or with common interests. There are community forums on many different IT topics to allow you to find just the help you need.

Training Administration

Track the progress and results of the learning through the customized reports and capabilities of the learning management system.

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