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Infoage Learning

Why Infoage Learning?

What shaped this growing industry and sets us apart from our competition is the Infoage Learning business model. A model based on our belief that training is not a luxury; it is a need that affects both the personal and professional lives of our clients.

The Infoage Learning Business Model

The Infoage Learning business model focuses on helping clients identify their present and future training needs. Every step in the process has been designed to help franchise owners close more sales and increase market share. The Infoage Learning business model was tested and refined in company-owned centers for ten years before being offered as a franchise business opportunity.

Our success is built on three strategies:

  • Maintain an Aggressive Sales System
  • Offer Innovative, High Quality Training Solutions
  • Deliver the Most Complete Franchisee Training and Support in the Industry

Key Advantages of the Infoage Learning Franchise

  • Global Brand - Instant recognition of your business as a part of the established market leader in training.
  • Proven Business Model - This model includes industry leading sales and marketing methodologies, combined with unparalleled training delivery methods.
  • Network - Being part of a network of many training centers. Means access to global clients, sharing of best practices and leveraging relationships with industry vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Prometric, and others.
  • Extensive Franchisee Training - Our franchisee training begins with an intensive two week training program for new owners and managers followed by additional training programs, staff job descriptions, ongoing training events, annual conferences, a wide variety of e-learning resources and more.
  • Comprehensive Franchisee Support - Our franchisees benefit from shared knowledge that enables them to quickly address questions and resolve business challenges. You are never alone.
  • World Class Content – Infoage Learning has access to one of the largest libraries of course manuals, video delivered content, web delivered training content, practice exams and more; often at much lower costs than one could find as an independent training company.
  • Innovative Products & Solutions - Infoage Learning continues to lead the IT training industry with award-winning solutions.

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