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Whether you're dealing with telephones, mobile phones or offering a telecom service like telemarketing, This is where we can help

Infoage Technologies is the ultimate telecom website solution. We treat your website as our own and can make your web site come alive! Quickly, Inexpensively, and Easily! We creates websites for telecom - customized by professional web designers exclusive for your company. Save you time and money !! We specializes in building telecom-Specific Websites for professionals & businesses who are looking for a web presence and on the other hand, we specializes customized website design to match the specific requirement of our customers..

Infoage Technologies offers high-quality website design services at affordable prices and fast turnaround time. We are providing creative telecom web sites & telecom web site design solutions to markets. We provide you web-enabled human resource functionality, look at the slide shows to see what we have done with other companies

Infoage Technologies Telecommunications

The PowerPoint slide show demonstrates all the work we have developed for Telecom Companies handling the following:

  • repaid Calling Cards
  • Long Distance Services
  • Long Distance Provide

The work we have done varies depending on the clientele and solutions you offer. Take a look at the list of solutions we have created:

  • Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Signup Prepaid Customers Online
  • Manage Prepaid Products Online
  • Order PINs Online
  • Activate PINs Online
  • Manage Rate Tables Online
  • Collect Funds by ACH (bank withdrawal)
  • Look Up Reports Online
  • Submit a Trouble Ticket Online
  • Manage Authentication System
  • Long Distance Services
  • Long Distance Providers
  • Look Up Reports
  • Customer Invoice Report
  • Detail of New Charges Report
  • Summary by Service Number
  • Daily Summary
  • Summary by Terminating Country
  • Summary by Account Code
  • Summary by Originating State
  • Summary by Terminating State
  • Confirmation Reports 1+ Numbers
  • Confirmation Report for Toll Free Numbers
  • Lost Number Report
  • Processing Status of Toll Free Numbers
  • Processing Status of 1+ Numbers
  • Verified Account Codes
  • Submission History of 1+ Numbers
  • Submission History for Toll Free Numbers
  • Call Allocation File Splitter
  • Data Synchronization with Billing Software

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